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5 thoughts on “links we love

  1. I’m excited to follow your blog! I read Joanna’s book last week and emailed her with praise. She suggested your site as I mentioned my struggles with this religion I was born and raised in. Ironically, I have been able to stay tolerant and practicing Catholicism because I found Taoism in 2007. It helps me release my judgement (most of the time) and focus on the good. I will treasure to hear how different people navigate the muddy waters of these trying times for our religion.

  2. A friend of mine was told that as a catholic her miscarried child would be placed in hell. As a result she ran to mormanism when they told her that she would be re united wither unborn child. Why would her religious leader tell her that? From what I understand neither statements true. So what is the truth?

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